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Special offers

We provide all car cleaning and maintenance services in the city of Kaunas. If necessary, we can come to the place specified by you and pick up your car. Wash , polish , carry out chemical cleaning of the interior , add conditioner and deliver back. You won’t have to worry about anything, and after a long day of work, the car will look like new when it comes back to you.



Special offers


We will take your car

We will take your car, we will take care of its cleanliness - we will wash it, clean the interior, polish it and return it to you clean, fragrant and shiny!

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Filling conditioners

We will check your car’s air conditioning system, identify and eliminate faults. We will refill with the highest quality freon gas.

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Wash your car for free

„Forto centro” loyalty program - wash your car ten times, and the eleventh time we will wash it for you for free!

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