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Forto Centras - manual carwash in Kaunas

We have three car washing spots, three places for dry cleaning of car interior and three places for polishing and three places for chemical cleaning.


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Solutions for the cleanliness

We value our customer comfort

These are people, a team, who do not look at the car as just an object. And how about an important part in a person’s life. Like a companion who is with you every day. Which helps to overcome everyday challenges, achieve goals, and get work done. Which, in order to serve well, must be well maintained. We fully understand that the cleanliness of the car has a direct impact on its safety. For the duration of his service. So we are here to professionally take care of both its aesthetic appearance and your comfort while driving it.

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WE provide a wide range of car hygiene, cleanliness and maintenance services

  • If your car has lost its shine and even after washing it, it no longer looks clean
  • You notice scratches on the car body or windows
  • The interior of your car looks dirty, worn or cracked
  • The steering wheel of your car is covered in dirt, rubbed off, and has lost its color
  • The headlights of the car are covered, matte, the beam of light is distorted
  • If you want to give your machine protection against environmental effects and pollution
  • Or just want a clean and professionally washed and maintained car

Forto centras car wash

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We will take your car

We will take your car, we will take care of its cleanliness - we will wash it, clean the interior, polish it and return it to you clean, fragrant and shiny!

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Filling conditioners

We will check your car’s air conditioning system, identify and eliminate faults. We will refill with the highest quality freon gas.

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Wash your car for free

„Forto centro” loyalty program - wash your car ten times, and the eleventh time we will wash it for you for free!

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